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We are a travel destination management company and, in that capacity, we offer to you various products and /or services on behalf of our Principals. Airlines, other transport operators, hotels and other accommodation providers, tour operators and all other principal suppliers. These are referred to throughout as “the Principal/s”
1.1 OUR SERVICES: These consist of arranging and co-ordinating the services offered by the Principals. We are instrumental in bringing about a direct contractual relationship between you, the customer, and the Principals. We undertake to perform these services with reasonable care and skill but we cannot and do not guarantee the performance of the functions offered by the Principals and we will not be liable in the event that you suffer loss, injury or disappointment by reason of any acts or failings of any Principal. In any such case your remedy will lie against the Principal.
1.2 BROCHURES: You should be aware that the brochures which we supply to you are the brochures of our Principals and that the statements and representations contained in such brochures are not ours but are made by the Principals. In many cases we have no first-hand knowledge of the facilities or services referred to therein. We are merely passing on to you the Principal’s instructions and we accept no liability for any inaccuracies or misrepresentations contained in such brochures.
To assist us with providing the correct documentation for your travel, please complete our Facts form supplied and return this form, along with the copy of your passport, at your earliest opportunity.
2.1 NAME SPELLING: It is imperative that when advising us of the names of those travelling that the spelling provided exactly matches the spelling in the traveller’s passport or the traveller maybe denied boarding an aircraft or entry into a country. If a name is spelt incorrectly on a ticket/itinerary/booking confirmation, please advise us immediately.
2.2 INCORRECT INFORMATION: We cannot be held responsible for any loss where we have been provided with incorrect information.
We recommend that you take out a travel insurance policy at the time you pay for your travel. You should ensure that such insurance will protect you against medical expenses arising from sickness or injury during your travel and protect you against loss or damage to your belongings.
Are subject to alteration prior to acceptance and payment being made by you.
4.1 TAXES: Government or local authorities may chance or introduce new taxes after you have paid in full which you may be obligated to pay either to the travel supplier or the tax authority direct. In this instance we reserve the right to collect this amount from you prior to departure.
4.2 PAYMENT DUE DATES: If payment has not been made by the specified date, bookings may be cancelled.
4.3 PAYMENT TYPES: Payments are to be made by bank transfer to our bank account specified in your booking form.
4.4 SUPPLIER FEES: In addition our Principals may also charge amendment fees and/or the booking may be non-transferable. In some cases it may not be possible to change reservations or to cancel the reservation or it may be uneconomic for you to do so. You should always check the cost before requesting changes in reservations .
4.5 BOOKING AMENDMENTS: Where you wish to amend a booking we will charge the amendment fees set out in your booking confirmation.
4.6 REFUNDS: Where a refund is due this will be paid to you once we receive the moneys from the Principal involved.

All receipts and tickets are issued subject to the terms and conditions specified by the relevant Principal.
5.1 PASSPORTS: Prior to confirming your travel arrangements, please check your Passport and establish that it will not expire less than six months after you return from your trip. Expiry within that time may mean you are denied entry to your destination countries.
5.2 VISA/PRE-ENTRY: We will provide you with the supporting documents to submit to the embassy for visa purposes.

5.3 VISA ASSISTANCE: If you require our assistance with the Visa and/or Entry requirements for your destination(s) then you must disclose to us any contagious disease or serious health problem and all previous convictions (if any) and whether or not you have ever been arrested and charged. In both cases this is regardless of type of offence, when or where they occurred, and the penalties involved.
5.4 RE-ENTRY visas will be required for travellers leaving New Zealand holding a foreign passport and you must ensure this is obtained prior to you leaving the country.
The New Zealand Customs Service protects the security of our borders. When you enter New Zealand from another country it is important that you know the customs laws to avoid any issues. Click this link to view their brochure which is designed to help you with Customs formalities on your arrival to New Zealand. http://www.customs.govt.nz/news/resources/listsandguides/Documents/ Advice to Travellers.pdf
6.1 VACCINATIONS: Certain countries require that travellers be vaccinated against specific diseases. Check with your doctor and the Embassies of countries to which you are to travel to satisfy yourself as to whether your destination has any requirements in this respect. For the most up to date international health advice and medical services for those intending to travel abroad, please ask your Travel Consultant for details. If you have ever had a serious communicable disease, you can be refused entry to many countries. If you feel this may affect you, please follow up with the appropriate authorities which is usually the Consulate of the country that you are visiting.
6.2 ADDITIONAL SECURITY MEASURES: Strict carry on restrictions now apply to all travel. Any liquids, aerosols and gels that passengers want to take in their carry-on baggage will have to comply with the following requirements: All liquids, aerosols and gels must be in containers of 100mls or less, passengers must carry their 100ml containers in a re-sealable transparent plastic bag of 1 litre volume (this is a re-sealable sandwich bag like those available at your local supermarket), each passenger, including children, will be allowed to carry on one, 1 litre transparent plastic bag. The plastic bag must be re-sealable and presented separately from all other carry-on baggage at the screening point.
These measures apply to any items that can be poured, sprayed or smeared. The new rules apply for liquids such as water and other drinks, but also extend to gels, pastes, lotions, and the contents of aerosols. This includes toiletries such as toothpaste, shaving cream, hair gel, lip gloss, facial creams, mascara and liquid lip balms. Exemptions are in place for essential medicines, baby products and dietary supplements in liquid or gel form. Passengers carrying hypodermic needles will need to declare them at the screening point, with, where possible, documentation or identification confirming their medical condition. Medication should have a professionally printed label identifying the medication, or a manufacturer’s name or pharmaceutical label affixed. Government and airport authorities set out restrictions on the items that can be included in your carry-on baggage or on you during a flight. It is your responsibility to check before departure for any restrictions applicable to your specific flights. These items must be packed in your checked baggage. If any of these items are detected in your carry-on baggage or you’re found to be carrying them, they will be removed and will not be returned

PLEASE NOTE: It is important that you are familiar with all Terms and Conditions of your travel. Please ask us if you have any questions concerning this.

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