Pacific Islands

Let’s plan your escape to the very heart of the South Pacific. Let’s hide you away where white sands meet warm waters of the truest blue.

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With several beautiful islands to choose from, your unique Pacific Island journey could see
you disappearing going ‘off grid’ for quite some time. Don’t worry, we’ll keep your secret. Kick off your shoes and pack them away, you’re likely not to need them round these parts. By land or by sea, there’s certainly plenty to discover. Let us show you around.

Where will you find your fun?


If you want rumbling volcanoes, shipwrecks to dive on and wild jungles to trek but still want your roads paved and you choose French, Vanuatu is the place for you.It’s worth flying beyond to Tanna and Espiritu Santos. Less than 50 minutes away, Espiritu Santos is home to Vanuatu’s most luxurious resorts (including private island retreats) but some locals still carry bows and arrows to town. The SS Coolidge – the world’s best wreck dive – sits just off its coast. On Tanna, you can sit on the rim of an active volcano and watch lava shoot into the air.

When to travel

April to September is most comfortable.

Best for: culture, volcanoes, resorts, diving

Language: English & French



Tahiti offers more than lagoons. Explore its uninhabited valleys and mountains where locals lived before Christianity came calling. There are lava tubes to walk through on the east coast. Tahiti Iti (little Tahiti) is connected by a land-bridge and there you’ll find a wilderness as wild as any on Tahiti’s outer islands. The road stops at Teahupoo – the most-feared wave on Earth. Take a boat and go beyond.

With over 115 islands spanning five archipelagos, French Polynesia has it all from the legendary, luxe Bora Bora and its over-the-water-bungalows to uncountable forgotten islands perfect for Crusoe wannabes looking for a basic beach bungalow. Wherever you go, you’ll be kissed with a touch of French style.

              When to travel

May to October is Tahiti’s dry season. July is busiest when Heiva, the annual cultural festival, takes place.

Best for: resorts, diving, culture, surfing, hiking
Language: French


New Caledonia is a true nature playground. Noumea is the Pacific’s cultural hot-spot – the home of museums, art galleries, colonial-era mansions, theatres and gastronomical restaurants all on a peninsula surrounded by beaches. Go beyond and you’ll discover the world’s longest continuous barrier reef. It creates a 20,000-square-kilometre World Heritage-listed lagoon ideal for sailors, fishermen, divers and snorkelers. It’s also home to islands with secret caves and fresh-water lagoons.

             When to travel

Shoulder seasons are best – May and June or September/October. Best for: beaches, culture, diving, food, wind sports
Language: French


Fiji receives nearly the same amount of visitors (about 630,000 annually) as the rest of the South Pacific combined but it still feels wild and exotic. Scents of Indian curries waft from city roti shops while in villages Melanesian families invite you in for a bit of ‘grog’ (kava, a slightly narcotic beverage). Underwater you’ll find seascapes of soft corals so dense they look like purple and white forests.

Best for: culture, diving, families, resorts

Language: English


The Cook Islands mix Polynesian blue water and hospitality with New Zealand (who administer the islands) savoir faire. On the lush, main isle of Raratonga beach bum all day then experience an ‘Island Night’ Polynesian feast (pork cooked in an earthen oven, taro root and more) and a local dance performance.


Samoa is the most authentic of all Pacific societies – just being here gives you the opportunity to observe what life has always been like in Polynesia. You’ll find some of the South Pacific’s best and most pristine beaches, lots of smiles, flower-filled villages and a pace of life that stands out as slow even in this region. There are few organized excursions but for independent types the opportunity for hiking, cultural connections, surfing and snorkelling are endless. When to travel: Summer is Samoa’s wet season. Winter is a great time to visit – temperatures won’t fall below 25 degrees. Best for: beaches, culture, surfing, peace & quiet, hiking
Language: English

Top Experiences

Family Holiday in Fiji

Show your kids the variety these amazing islands have to offer, from remote villages to sublime coast!

Honeymoon on a private island

Discover idyllic beaches, authentic Fijian villages, mountainous landscapes and fringing coral reefs.

Marathon in New Caledonia

Join one of the major sporting events of New Caledonia, around the picturesque bays of Nouméa.

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